Individual & Family Healthcare Plans

Every day, thousands discover Health Care Sharing Ministries as a positive solution to health insurance. Ministries like Unity HealthShare have been around for decades, and billions of dollars of healthcare needs have been shared by fellow members. Although health care sharing ministries are not traditional insurance, in many ways can operate somewhat similarly.

What many healthcare shoppers don’t realize is there are many different types of health coverage. Knowing what type of coverage best fits you and your family’s needs is critical, and choosing a healthcare coverage provider that can custom-fit you with a solution is even more important.


In partnership with Aliera Healthcare, Unity HealthShare's catastrophic healthcare plan—CarePlus Advantage—is best suited for individuals and families who are primarily healthy and looking to provide security to their family knowing they are covered for catastrophic hospitalization events or needs, plus the added benefit of emergency room cost sharing.

Standard (Everyday)

Together with Aliera Healthcare, Unity HealthShare offers a standard healthcare plan that provides benefits for both everyday needs and major events. AlieraCare plans are recommended for individuals and families who are primarily healthy and whose main concern is preventive services and basic medical needs, as well as coverage for a catastrophic care event.


Unity HealthShare's comprehensive health plan is offered at three plan levels—bronze, silver, and gold—and is designed for those who want comprehensive healthcare coverage closer to traditional insurance, but are seeking affordable alternatives to major medical insurance. From the doctor’s office to the operating table, access comprehensive medical benefits when you need them most.

Short Term Medical

In partnership with Aliera Healthcare, Unity's short term medical coverage—InterimCare—is a great option for those in-between medical plans. Our STM plans are affordable, and are designed to cover you and your family's healthcare expenses during a transition. InterimCare offers low cost care when you know you have infrequent medical needs, but still need peace of mind.