Coverage and Security for the Unexpected

When a sudden illness or a major accident happens, and those who lack sufficient health coverage can end up in real trouble. Even those who are generally healthy can still suffer from the unexpected. Rather than take the chance of being caught off guard, eliminate the stress of the unexpected by carrying catastrophic health coverage.

Ensuring you’re covered for catastrophic events and major medical expenses

Much like traditional insurance, catastrophic coverage has a “deductible” known as the member shared responsibility amount (MSRA). Once the MSRA has been met, catastrophic insurance covers 100% of the expenses (up to the annual limit) for the services listed below.


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Covered Services

Careplus Advantage

Catastrophic insurance plans are not the same as major medical plans

Major medical plans are required to meet the minimum standards of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and provide coverage for preventive care, prescriptions, ER and hospitalization. Catastrophic health coverage is designed to specifically cover the major, unexpected events in life. It does not cover prescriptions, preventive care or regular office visits.

Catastrophic health coverage makes sense

Not everybody needs, nor wants, full healthcare coverage. For these, catastrophic coverage makes sense.

  • The healthy – Those who tend to be healthy and don’t spend time at the doctor’s office are ideal candidates for catastrophic coverage.
  • The uninsured – For those who have no insurance and can’t afford the high premiums of a full coverage plan, catastrophic health coverage makes sense. Its coverage for the large expenses also provides a great safety net.
  • The already insured – Those who already have full coverage but want to eliminate the additional risk that comes with sudden illness or trauma can carry a catastrophic insurance plan for a fuller, more complete coverage.

Catastrophic coverage is affordable

Because Unity HealthShare isn’t traditional insurance, it’s premiums are much lower. As part of a healthcare sharing ministry, it is exempt from ACA penalties. The high MSRA keeps the premium low. For a single individual with an MSRA of $5,000, the monthly premium would be between $125 and $188.73 per month. If the MSRA was raised to $10,000, the premium would be between $104.17 and $157.27 per month.

Being uninsured does not have to be the norm. With Unity HealthShare’s catastrophic CarePlus Advantage plan, the worry about the major events of life can be eliminated.

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Plan Options

CarePlus Advantage150k

CarePlus Advantage 150k sharing limit is best suited for individuals and families who are primarily healthy and looking to provide security to their family knowing they are covered for catastrophic hospitalization events or needs, plus the added benefit of emergency room cost sharing.

Plans starting from: $103

CarePlus Advantage250k

Our 250k sharing limit option gives individuals and families the added protection of more cost sharing with up to $250,000 in plan coverage. CarePlus Advantage offers coverage for those unexpected traumas or hospitalization needs, plus the added benefit of emergency room cost sharing.

Plans starting from: $185

*All of the Unity HealthShare plans for individuals and families are supported and are part of a healthcare sharing ministry, and thus members are exempt from any ACA penalties.